4 Step Quick & Easy Asphalt Crack Filler


When you're filling cracks in asphalt you want to do the job quickly and easily.

 That's why it’s important to pick a quick and easy asphalt crack filler.

 When asphalt cracks it allows water to get in, each year after that the crack can get bigger as more water is allowed to enter the crack and freeze.

 This ultimately means that you want to deal with asphalt cracks as soon as you can.

 The best fillers save you time and help protect the asphalt from further damage.

Why Use An Asphalt Crack Filler?

 Asphalt repair saves money and is a much cheaper alternative to replacement.

 With that in mind it is usually an easier sell for people to buy repair services as opposed to full replacement services. This means an easier sell and more potential customers.

 Below are the four steps to using asphalt crack filler:

  • Remove previous filler and debris
  • Clean the area
  • Apply the filler with an
  • Apply the

Remove Previous Filler & Debris

First step is to remove any previous asphalt crack filler or debris in the crack. The reason for this is so that there is a clean surface for the filler to connect to. If you don’t do this it may lead to cracks reopening. This step can also include the removal of anything that might get in the way such as long grass, garbage, etc.

Clean The Area

Next you have to make sure that the area you are fixing is clean of dirt and debris. This will help the filler stick to the edges of the crack better. A good way to clean the area would be with a pressure washer or leaf blower, it’ll reduce the work needed to prepare the area. If you’ve used a pressure washer to clean the area feel free to wait two hours before applying the filler so that the sun can dry the cracks.

 Make sure that the area is completely dry and clear of dirt before beginning to apply the filler. If it isn’t then the crack filler may separate from the asphalt over time.

Apply The Filler

Now that the area has been cleaned and is dry, apply the asphalt crack filler as per the package instructions. Make sure that you fill up the crack completely. It’ll take some time after the application to solidify. Give it at least 15 minutes to dry and solidify before applying .


Apply The Sealant

 After you’ve applied the filler you can then apply the sealant. It may take one or more coats of asphalt crack sealant to be completed. Some ways to apply the sealant would be a paint roller or a floor squeegee. Keep in mind that applying the sealant can be messy. Congratulations, you’ve finished applying the asphalt crack filler.

Tips & Recommendation

 Here are some tips that you want to keep in mind:

  • Check the weather. You want to make sure that it will be dry for at least the next 24 hours.
  • Make sure to watch what you wear. Asphalt crack sealant can be messy, try wearing something you don’t mind messing up or covering your shoes with bags.


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