Cool Temp Coatings #390

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Cool Temp Coatings By GoldStar #390

Is an innovated asphalt pavement cooling system that beautifies and protects asphalt pavement surfaces against oxidation, deterioration, harsh weather conditions, ultraviolet sun-rays and reduces the temperature of your asphalt pavement surface up to 30° . Cool Temp Coatings is based on the same industry leading HP #310 GoldCoat SealCoat formulation. Cool Temp Coatings is an asphalt-based product, not an acrylic based. It also extends the life of your pavement and meets LEED & EPA requirements, has no road glares, or shadows. Cool Temp Coatings makes dark roads much brighter at night

(RTU) Ready to use

  • Reduces the temperature of asphalt surfaces.
  • Product is manufactured with recycled materials.
  • Product can be applied with GoldStar's Game Changer. "Not just the hand squeegee method"
  • Application equipment is available at
  • Product is used for public roadways, bike ways, parking lots and School playgrounds

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