Universal Cutting Blade- 14" KLINGSPOR DT350U

Sale price$98.50


14" Diamond Cutting Blade DT 350 U Extra

Diameter & Bore- 14" x 1"

Max Operating Speed- 100 m/s

Max RPM's- 5,500 rpm

Machine- Gas Saw

Clean cutting through construction materials and concrete is the field of application where the large diamond cutting blade DT 350 U Extra truly shines. This universal product scores high with a number of benefits:

  • laser-welded standard segments
  • fast cutting with low vibrations
  • outstanding service life
  • optimum price-performance ratio

The cutting blade is a particularly good choice for gardening and landscaping, building yards, and demanding do-it-yourself tasks that require professional work.

Standard gullet with excellent cutting performance

Klingspor’s standard gullet with laser-welded standard segments enables the large diamond cutting blade DT 350 U Extra to deliver both excellent feed rates and optimum cutting performance. This large cutting blade is in various diameters and matching segments widths. The segmented rim is particularly well suited for such abrasive materials as concrete or asphalt as well as other construction materials that commonly have to be cut in the gardening and landscaping sector or at building yards. What is more, the tool combines a high level of aggressiveness with a long service life and is thus ideal for economical use with low set-up costs and set-up times. To ensure longevity, precise work and safe use, it is imperative to observe the maximum permissible speed. This important information along with other specifications is found imprinted directly on the diamond cutting blade.

Large diamond cutting blade from the Extra performance class

In an effort to offer the right tool for every job, Klingspor is making their diamond tools available in three different performance classes. The Extra performance class offers brand name quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. Extra is the right choice for users who demand professional results from their tool, but have no need for a tool that can be used for continuous operation. Just like all other products included in Klingspor's portfolio, the large diamond cutting blades DT 350 U Extra are tested according to strict criteria and meet the safety requirements of the oSa and the DIN EN 13236. This ensures a high level of safety for the user during use.

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