60-Gallon Skid
60-Gallon Skid

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The Pave-Mate models PM060 is the perfect companion for the contractor working on small jobs, such as filling potholes or minor trenching. These unit comes standard as a skid with built-in forklift pockets for ease of use and mobility. Put it in the back of your pickup and you’re set to go!  Also available as a trailer.



  • 60 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • 785 lb
  • 7 Gallon Flush Tank/7 Gallon Recovery Tank (This ends up being a little confusing because the first two bullet points are distinguishing between the two sizes of units and this third bullet point is simply how we describe those tanks. If you have a suggestion of a different way to distinguish between unit sizes other than a slash and it wouldn’t look clunky, I am all ears)
  • 5’ Lightweight Spray Wand with Stay Cool Handle and No Drip Tip
  • Recirculation Circuits for All Plumbing, Hoses, and Spray Wand
  • 10” Diameter Fill Dome
  • 173,000 BTU Propane Burner with 12 Volt Igniter
  • Pump Bonnet Routes Engine Exhaust to Pump to Aid in Start Up and Performance
  • Built In Forklift Pockets for Easy Transfer Between Trucks
  • Black Paint


  • Out of Service Tank Heater / Night Heater (ZETH)
  • 50’ Spray Wand Hose (Z50H)
  • Hand Torch (ZPJT)
  • Non Standard Paint Colors (ZSPL PT)

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