GBug Light Tower Balloon 2400W LED
GBug Light Tower Balloon 2400W LED

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2,400W, Diffused Balloon LED Light Tower mounted on towable trailer

The GBX24BK Balloon LED GloBug Light Tower is one of the most powerful and compact mobile diffused lighting systems in the industry. The unique 2400 W LED balloon lamp provides 360° dominant glare-free lighting over 225 ft and 399,000 lumen. The unit is powered by the poular and efficient EPA/CARB certified KUBOTA Z482 diesel engine that provides an operating time of 140 hours. The easy raise/lower vertical mast assembly extends to a max height of 27 ft and has a stowage height of 7.6 ft. The trailer frame is DOT/NHSTA approved and has forklifft pockets and four adjustable jack stands. 

  • 2400W LED Balloon Lamp  
  • Circular glare-free lighting over 225’ 
  • Exceptional 399,000 lumen output 
  • Lighting rated at 5,700 Kelvin  
  • Multi-sectional aluminum vertical mast – for strength and corrosion resistance 
  • Easy mechanical raise/lower system 
  • 45 Gallon fuel capacity provides 140 operating hours of light 
  • Powered by a trusted and highly efficient KUBOTA Z482 diesel engine 
  • Four adjustable jack stands to ensure level stability 
  • Wind limitations to 45 MPH

Performance Data

Unit Specifications
Engine KUBOTA Z482 diesel 2-cylinder 
HP/RPM  6.1 at 1,800
Fuel Capacity 45 gal
MAX Run Time  140 hours 
Lamp Type 2400W LED Balloon Lamp
Total Lumens 399,000 
Generator MeccAlte, Brushless 
Trailer Towable DOT/NHSTA approved 
Mast Aluminum multi-sectional 
Mast MAX Height  27 ft
MAX Wind Limitations 45 MPH
Shipping Weight 1,278 lb
Dimensions (Stowed) 5.3 x4 x 7.6 ft

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