Plate-Roller Honda GX120 15 wide (MVB85H)

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2,270 lb. cf, Honda GX 120, 12.6 in. plate

Give interlocking pavers an even finish.


  • The machines' hard rubber rollers make it virtually impossible to chip corners, scartch, break or drag pavers.
  • Great for narrow areas and exerting compaction pressure alongside walls.
  • Tooles foldable handle allows for quick and easy loading into vans and trucks.
  • Rollers allow for easy pull back to compact on the spot.

No. of Rubber Rolls 4 Centrifugal Force 2,270.57 lbf (10.1 kN) Vibration Frequency 5,400 vpm (90 Hz) Plate Size (W x L) 12.60 x 17.05 in (320 x 433 mm) Vibrator Oil Volume 0.15 quart (140 cc) Operating Weight 198.42 lbs. (90 kg.)

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