Super Shot™ / EZ Series / EZ Pour
Super Shot™ / EZ Series / EZ PourSuper Shot™ / EZ Series / EZ Pour

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Sealant Melters & Applicators

Super Shot™

Engineered Performance for Municipalities and Small Contractors

Crafco super shot melterSimple to start up and shut down, Crafco Super Shot melters are compact units that are suitable for many situations, including local roads and parking lots. Super Shot melters are the ideal, safety-first choice when a contractor or agency is ready to up and do away with pour cones and material handlers. Super Shot machines are some of the safest and easiest to operate of the Crafco line of melters.

Benefits include:

  • Quick and easy start-up
  • Automatic agitator shut-off and splash-proof lid
  • Fume-free environment
  • Pumping on demand
  • Low profile loading height
  • Quiet operation
  • Curb side controls
  • An array of available performance and safety options

EZ Series II™

High-Efficiency Melters – Laying Down the Miles

Crafco EZ Series II melterCrafco E-Z Series II are high-performance melters that are designed, built, and backed for laying down miles of crack sealant. Heated hoses and electronic controls make the E-Z Series II the most productive machines available. Automatic electronic controls and modular design features add to the safety and usability of these fourth generation Crafco melters.

Benefits include:

  • Easy Maintenance
  • ASTM mix rates to yield better mix and suspension
  • GHigh-powered motor for continuous agitation
  • Pumping on demand
  • Fastest recovery time on the market
  • Dual loading doors
  • Floating applicator hose boom
  • An array of available performance and safety options

EZ Pour™

Engineered Performance

Crafco EZ Pour melterThe E-Z Pour melter features a one-hour heat-up time, as well as “E-Z” handling of both field mix and packaged materials. Engineered for easy towing, the E-Z Pour is built on a one-piece, precision-constructed frame designed for perfect balance. A low-profile, adjustable hitch, thermostatic controls – featuring a safety shut-off and “flush-free” clean up – complete this powerful, yet simple to use, unit.

Benefits include:

  • Bi-directional agitation
  • Single dial temperature control
  • Fast melting recovery rate
  • Long pump life
  • Available as a trailer-based or skid-mounted model

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