XP SERIES 3400 3
XP SERIES 3400 3XP SERIES 3400 3XP SERIES 3400 3XP SERIES 3400 3XP SERIES 3400 3XP SERIES 3400 3

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This 3” port size pump is highly recommended for applications involving potentially hazardous materials like bulk blasting explosives.  Typically, these pumps move emulsion explosives in plants and through explosive handling vehicles and equipment in the coal mining, quarrying, metal mining and civil construction industries.  Pumps approximately 50% more flow volume than the 2” port size model 2400.

Note at the bottom of the Maximum Operating Criteria drop-down menu:

When pumping explosive materials, the maximum operating temperature and pressure of XP Series pumps must not exceed those recommended by the explosives manufacturer.

Port Size: 3"


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